About the Negatives


I was driving through Shutesbury, Ma. on Forth of July weekend, 2007 and I saw two nice wooden boxes sitting on a pile of trash that had been growing since summer began (someone was emptying a house). I drove past, stopped and went back to get them. When I picked the first one up I realized exactly what they were, cases for old glass plate negatives.

With the help of a woman at the Wistariahurst Museum in Holyoke, Ma. I was able to get digital scans of the negatives. I have done my best to orient them correctly and identify anything possible. The photographs cover a range of subjects from houses, a picnic, pets, a lake trip, a mother and baby, a parade and more.

I was able to locate the parade photographs to the intersection of West Main (Rt 20.) and Orchard Street in Marlborough, Ma.

The man in the photograph on the front page is the photographer with his wife. I would love to find out any more information about this man and his family and can be contacted at photosfromthevalley@yahoo.com

Thank you, Paul.