Howard Bickford, crew member of the B-24 “Stand By”


Howard Bickford was assigned an armorer/gunner/photographer as part of the crew of the “Stand By” (a B24H serial #42-52248), piloted by Lt. James D. McGeehan with the 738th Bomb Squadron, 454th Bomb Group of the 15th Air Force. He and his crew did not always use that aircraft, flying whatever ship was available at the time. He told me he took part in 51 missions (5 as a photographer) including the following - 25 Aug 44, target - Kurim A/C factory in Brno, Czechoslovakia; 3 Sep - Szajol, Hungary R/R bridge; 4 Sep - Latisana, Italy R/R bridge; 8 Sep - Belgrade, Yugo Sava R/R bridge; 10 Sep - Trieste, Italy harbor facilities; 13 Sep - Odertal, Germany Oil Refinery; 17 Sep - Budapest, Hungary Kobanya Marshalling Yard; 18 Sep - Budapest North Railroad bridge and  20 Sep - Gyor, Hungary Marshalling Yard. I spoke with Mr. Bickford on the phone twice in 2006 after returning the pictures and album to himand have been unable to contact him since. If you have any further information about any of these pictures, please contact me at .

Top Row Sgt. W.G. Hardin. R.O.M.G. - F/O Glen Antrim, Co-pilot - Lt. James McGeehan, Pilot - Lt. Charlie Boyle, Navigator - Lt. Don LaPasta, Bombardier - Sgt. Ed Leishman, 1st Eng. G.

Bottom Row Sgt. Don Chapman, 3rd Eng. G. - Sgt Bryce Brill, Armorer. G. - Sgt. Bickford, Arm. G. ,      S/Sgt C.Y. Connell 2nd Eng.  G.                                                 The date Feb 13, 1944 is on the back.